The North Shore Board Game group was started by Zirk van den Berg in July 2007 and has grown to over 300 members on our Facebook page with an average 0f 20-30 people gaming every Wednesday at the Heart of the Bays community centre

We have board gamers of all types attending our weekly events: new gamers, RPGers, casual gamers, hard core euro fans, grumpy grognards, those loud party gamers making whooping noises in the corner, and everything in-between.

We meet at 7pm every Wednesday at the East Coast Bays Service Centre, 2 Glen Road, Browns Bay. Entrance next to the Plunket sign. The whiteboard in the foyer will tell you which room we’re in.

Meetings are by gold coin donation.

We don’t have many rules:

Respect the games, respect other gamers, no cheating, be excellent to each other. Follow Wheaton’s Law.