Welcome to the North Shore Board Games Group

The North Shore Board Games group in Auckland, NZ.
We’re adults, playing themed board games, the kind featured on the Boardgamegeek website.

We meet at 7pm every Wednesday at the East Coast Bays Community Centre, 2 Glen Road, Browns Bay. Entrance next to the Plunket sign. The whiteboard in the foyer will tell you which room we’re in.

Gold Coin donation to the yellow pot.

We have a rotating contact person who puts up an event each week in no particular order. This person also collects donations which go to the East Coast Bays Community Project.
These contact people are responsible for making sure tables, chairs, cups, windows, rubbish, lights, locking, etc are taken care of at the end of the night.

The hosting team is:
Alistair Stafford
Damon Ellis
Darius Braun
Howard Dawson
Rod Smith
Selva Dhanabalan
Peng Shaun Tan

We hope to game with you all soon.